Static charge and earthing

  inkwash 17:36 17 Aug 05

I have all the components to assemble a PC.
Before I start, I want to make sure that I am properly earthed. I have an Anti-static wrist strap, but to what do I attach it?
Is an ATX case earthed when plugged in with the power off?
Is there a simple way to test for earthing?

  pj123 17:47 17 Aug 05

I have never used an earthstrap and I build many computers on an "as and when" basis for a small local company. But if you want to use one just connect the crocodile clip to a bare metal part of the case. I have just added another 256mb memory module (straight out of the antistatic bag)to someone's computer this morning. No problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:48 17 Aug 05

ATX case earthed when plugged in with the power off?

Yes it is but I would not advise connecting your self to anything plugged into the mains.

Do not plug the PC into the mains until you have everything assembled and checked.

Ground yourself by touching a raditor or something simular and avoid nylon carpets etc. JUST KEEP GROUNDING YOURSELF REGULARLY.

I have built and repair many PCs over the years and never had a problem.

  octal 17:53 17 Aug 05

NEVER work on any appliance when plugged into the mains, that includes computers and don't let anyone persuade you otherwise, it's just plain dangerous. This site has good information: click here

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