Startup programs

  22715240 13:52 28 Apr 06

I'm using Windows XP Home. Can anyone tell me if there is anyway I can change the sequence of the the startup programs on bootup of the PC.
Thanks for any advice. IMS

  johnnyrocker 13:54 28 Apr 06

go to either start/run servicesmsc or start run msconfig.


  woodchip 13:58 28 Apr 06

Dont think you can make them load in different Order. I may be wrong

  johnnyrocker 14:03 28 Apr 06

i too doubt that, i read the post as wanting to edit some of the start up items.


  rawprawn 14:13 28 Apr 06

I agree with woodchip, but tell me if you want to change the sequence, how did you find out the sequence they are now loading?

  rawprawn 14:14 28 Apr 06

Sounds like your old army number!!

  remind 14:23 28 Apr 06

You can delay the startup time, which would enable you to put them in order click here

  Eric half-a-bee 16:16 28 Apr 06

There's a lot onthe internet saying that the order is random and can't be set - but I found a free trail of an application a while ago that enabled the user to drag'n'drop the startup programs into the order they started - and it worked - the only problem is I can't remeber what it was called - I originally fpound it on Google and it may be this click here but I can't get it to load now.

  22715240 14:15 29 Apr 06

Thanks for all the responses.
I'm trying to get Zone Alarm to run before other internet accessing programs, which it is not doing at the moment. My son's got the same problem on his machine, it's causing some minor irritating problems on startup.
johnnyrocker - Can't change it with msconfig.
rawprawn - it's the only number I can always remember!
remind - Startup Delayer looks worth a try.

  Belatucadrus 14:57 29 Apr 06

click here Startup Delayer allows the setting of a startup software sequence.

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