Startup problem with Toshiba laptop

  456987 20:35 08 Aug 06

Each time I start my laptop, it won't go beyond Windows screen. I have to switch off then restart, and select 'last safe configuration' before it will come to life. Heeeeeellllppp!

  sean-278262 20:37 08 Aug 06

What model? What has been recently installed. Define the windows screen(Logon or the loading screen)?

  sean-278262 23:06 08 Aug 06

Please dont email me. The idea of the forum is that people can help by working through the problem.

For those interested in the latest info

"I haven't loaded any software on my laptop recently. The start up won't go beyond the windows logo with the flickering blue bars (ie I can't even get to the pale blue startup screen). I have a strong urge to throw it on the floor! Stuart."

"PS It's a Qosmio F20. S."

My next question is do you have a windows disk. Not a Toshiba restore disk I mean a propper windows disk.

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