startup beeping advice needed

  sleepy01 12:52 07 Nov 08

hi, my PC has beeped a number of times now on start-up, its one long followed by 3 short. Its a Pheonix-Award BIOS and im having troubling deciding whether its a Pheonix BIOS or an Award BIOS. So i can try locate the fault before it goes bang would appreciate some help on this. Thx

  Technotiger 13:01 07 Nov 08

That is a Award BIOS signal - it indicates a problem with your Graphics. If you have a graphics card, removing it and then replacing it, making sure it is firmly seated, might cure the problem. Also while you are at it, make sure that the inside of the P is completely clean and free of dust/fluff etc, especially around the fans and grills.

  chub_tor 13:02 07 Nov 08

Beep codes click here 1 long 3 short sounds like Graphics.

  Technotiger 13:02 07 Nov 08

P should of course be - PC ...

  sleepy01 15:24 07 Nov 08

Many thx guys, hopefully its not anything to do with the mobo side, ill re-sit the cardcheck inside PC and try installing different driver. :)

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