Start/Stop problem on computer

  oak chip 14:52 03 Dec 07

I have just started having problems with closing down & booting the computer. On close down, Windows closes, but the compter does not power down. It emits 3 beeps, and keeps on doing this. The only solution is to physically disconnect the power supply. After a "rest" overnight it booted normally, but close down produced the same problem. Now, after a few hours, it will not start up, there is no display on the monitor, and I get the same (repeating) 3 beeps. The computer is a few years old, but has had a new PSU only a year ago. The motherboard is MSI Megatrends MS-6380E, the BIOS is American Megatrends. Any Ideas or help appreciated.

  Technotiger 14:58 03 Dec 07

Hi, 3 beeps is normally a RAM problem and/or a video card problem, so I would say those are the first two things to check. You could do so by removing and re-fitting both.

  Technotiger 15:00 03 Dec 07

If you still have the problem on close-down, instead of removing plug from mains, just hold in the Start button for at least four seconds and the PC should then switch off.

  oak chip 16:03 03 Dec 07

Hi guys, and thanks for your replies. I had read other postings before I put my "sixpennyworth" in as a query. What confused me was the shutdown problem!! Just in case, I did remove and re-fit both RAM and video card boards, clean contacts, and re-install. Boot up now proceeds to the point of the Windows splash screen, but the colours are washed out and very pale. Boot up will go no further. I think it is the graphic card. I had a similar problem when I put extra RAM in a few years ago. On my motherboard the graphic card and RAM are almost touching, and I disturbed the graphic card and got the same result. I think I need a new graphic card!!

  Technotiger 16:08 03 Dec 07

Sounds as if the graphics card may be the problem.

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