Starting Windows ME

  vido 09:52 18 Oct 05

When I start Windows ME, the 'connect to' internet prompt loads and is left sitting on my desk top. Not a major problem, just annoying. How can I stop this happening.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:25 18 Oct 05

1 - check for malware - could be something phoning home

2 - go to internet explorer, tool, options, connections and tick "never dial a connection"

  ventanas 10:28 18 Oct 05

Heck, this one takes me back a bit, never did cure it. I wondered if it was something trying to dialup, but no - just ME. What Diodorus Siculus suggests in his second point should work though. Me, I just put up with it until I could get rid of ME.

  DieSse 10:52 18 Oct 05

It could also be something legitimate, like an AV wanting to update, or any of many other programs wanting to check for updates.

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