Start up problem

  Little Ted 19:57 24 Feb 03

I have a gigabyte GA-7IXE4 motherboard with 512mb memory and 750mhz duron processor. I added a second hard drive and all seemed OK. I then turned off the power and attached the hard drive to the cradle-turned on the power but all I get now is nine quiet beeps followed by two loud beeps and a one second pause and a loud single beep. Nothing appears on the monitor. I have disconnected everything but the keyboard/mouse,the sound card and the graphics card but the problem is the same. Have I murdered my motherboard or is there still some hope.

  Nellie2 20:38 24 Feb 03

I don't know what BIOS a gigabyte board uses, beep codes differ depending on the bios. But you could try checking that you haven't knocked any memory out of its slot or unseated your graphics card. That is the first thing I would check anyway!!

  User-312386 21:29 24 Feb 03

put the old HDD in and see what heppens

  Legolas 22:02 24 Feb 03

9 beeps may indicate the bios is corrupt click here

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