Start up problem

  Andrew-203029 15:20 25 Sep 04

Hi can someone give me the main reasons why my PC has stopped starting up. It seems to go through the boot sequence, the monitor light is green-the screen stays black and the monitor light goes back to orange. The fans appear to be functioning.

  hugh-265156 15:26 25 Sep 04

sorry, the only thing i can suggest is to check all your cables are connected firmly. can ask a friend if you can borrow a monitor and graphics card and try swapping them for your own as it could be faulty hardware.

  stefan-194811 16:10 25 Sep 04

Listen to the beeps when comp is going through the boot sequence one beep is normall no beeps or more then one beep and that suggests you have a fault, sounds to me as tho its your graphics card it might of worked its way loose as they do in older systems.

  wolfie3000 04:55 27 Sep 04

go into the bios setting and check everything there saves ripping the pc apart

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