Start Group in ME

  jack 09:27 15 May 08

When any of my flock complain of the volume of SPAM in their INBOX- I offer the following advice - as indeed I have in this Forum.
Go to Start/ right click on the E-mail Icon and click on 'Remove' from group. Reboot.
now no mail will come into the computer.
Go now to thew ISP Web site - log onto the mailbox- edit the mail there in and when satisfied, come back to desk top fire up the E mail program and only the mail you want will come in. Then close the E-mail program.
It works fine most of the time.
One of my flock has Windows ME
Clicking on start does not reveal that list of Start Group programs.
Moreover it seems that the E-mail client [Thunderbird] is in TSR mode[or similar] because the mail come in willy nilly.
So where in ME can one control this activity?
Can anyone remember back that far?

  jack 13:49 15 May 08


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