Start-up changed

  Snrub 24 Aug 11

I have noticed a changed characteristic on start up. The icons both on the desktop and toolbar each in turn go briefly blank and then revert to normal as though a 'mexican wave' is scanning them. Malware checks show nothing. Otherwise computer functioning normally. Any Ideas please about what may be causing this sudden but noticeable change ?

  Graphicool1 24 Aug 11

Laptop, Desktop etc?

  Snrub 24 Aug 11

Desktop windows 7

  buteman 24 Aug 11

Is it starting up a bit slower than normal.

I have had that problem with my Medion computer since I got it.

Not sure if it is a faulty Start switch or a faulty PSU with me.

[The icons both on the desktop and toolbar each in turn go briefly blank and then revert to normal]

Thats what happens to me when it does not start right so I have to wait till it installs properly then switch it of. Then switch it back on .I use W/7 64Bit.

Mine is still under Warranty so may contact them if it gets any worse.

Just happened to me again when I switched it on about 10 minutes ago.

I may reset mine to factory settings but don't want to go through all the hastle of Updating and downloading Security programs again.

I suppose it could be a driver problem but everything seems ok in Device Manager.

If it happens to you again maybe a system restore might help.

  Snrub 24 Aug 11

Yes thanks buteman was also tempted to do a system restore. It is starting up at normal speed with perhaps a couple of seconds when the icons blank out and return as though something is scanning them so suspected malware but nothing showing up. New system so do not suspect psu. It's not much of a problem but just curious why it is happening? So I thought I would put the 'brains'to work on the forum although not much response so far.

  rdave13 24 Aug 11

It happens on my Win7 desktop as my security and other software load up and update. It's as if the desktop has second priority and refreshes. Not happening on the laptop but not much loading on startup.

  Snrub 24 Aug 11

Thanks rdave13 that's a thought, might be something like security scan or filehippo scanning for updates although I have disabled filehippo at start-up and do a weekly scan from desktop.

  Snrub 24 Aug 11

Just restarted my computer and all back to normal will just put this down to an unexplained glitch of some sort.


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