Star Trek Question - Radio 5 on Sat AM at 1 am?

  originalmiscellany 00:16 13 Feb 05

There was a phone in all about blogging and they mentioned a star treck character who has a blog and it's really interesting! However I can't remember who it was/is, and obviously I didn't have the enthusiasm to wake myself up out of my slumber to write the name down.

This is a fantastic example of how ICT has affected personal communications (for my GCSE ICT group)...

I am also handicapped by the fact that I don't know anything about Star Trek having never seen a single episode.

Many thanks

  VoG II 00:24 13 Feb 05

You haven't lived "sir" if you haven't seen StarTrek click here

CurlyWurly will have a fit if he sees this thread!

  end 00:33 13 Feb 05

I too am a star trek addict; however, I confess I have never heard of this "blogg", which is rather embarrasing:)

I"ll find myself listening for it now:)
and maybe Curly can answer it:)

  bvw in bristol 00:41 13 Feb 05
  originalmiscellany 00:47 13 Feb 05

Thanks very much. I might even watch an episode and follow VOG's link to kill some time when I fancy a night cap.

That's the one, and cheers

  THE TERMINATOR 01:49 13 Feb 05

Grab yourself a bit of culture before it is too late. There were 79 episodes of The Original Series, and seven seasons of TNG and you can get them all on DVD....TT

  powerless 04:04 13 Feb 05

But Powerless brings sad news:

Star Trek: Enterprise has been cancelled.

But the first season is out on DVD in May and Scott Bakula can hopefully get back into the swing of things as Dr Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap.

  GRFT 06:35 13 Feb 05

Glad to hear Enterprise has been cancelled. Right from the opening credits this series was a dog.

  end 06:53 13 Feb 05

some of us are avid star trek fans:)

  GRFT 06:31 14 Feb 05

So am I!

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