Star bit size for Maxtor disc drives.

  peterjm 15:52 25 Aug 09

I would like to get inside the drive and have an idea that it is a T9 or T8 size. Certainly a T10 is too large. Not sure if this is a universal size or type of bit.
Having confirmed size and type, where is best place for purchase. I don't really want to buy a set. TIA

  Stuartli 16:02 25 Aug 09

For individual or sets of Torx screwdrivers, try a local discount store, tools specialist or even a phone shop.

  Fingees 17:06 25 Aug 09

As an example, Maplins do an 8 bit set for £4.99

  DieSse 19:18 25 Aug 09

Once you get inside, you do realise that it's a write-off?

I have a disassembled (faulty) drive to show what's inside at computer club meetings etc.

  Peter 19:19 25 Aug 09


You don't want to expose the actual platters to the open air do you? They are hermetically sealed and won't take kindly to being opened up. In fact it will probably kill the drive completely.


  DieSse 19:34 25 Aug 09

"it will probably kill the drive..."

It will definitely kill the drive.

The height above the platters that the heads fly is a fraction of the size of a cigarette smoke particle - hugely less than a human hair or any other dust particle. That's why they're manufactured inside class 100 clean rooms.

An article, out of general interest.

click here

  wjrt 18:46 26 Aug 09
  johnnyrocker 20:13 26 Aug 09

it may be me but the link will not open? error MS unable to open


  DieSse 20:19 26 Aug 09

Link opens fine for me.

Try this click here and use the menu as an alternative.

  woodchip 21:16 26 Aug 09

They are not, They are hermetically sealed, some drives even have holes in them. Drives normal stop working as the Electronic control card brakes on the drive

  woodchip 21:21 26 Aug 09

If they was hermetically sealed, cigarette smoke would not get inside. BUT IT DOES

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