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  Hendrikus 14:32 21 Mar 09

Hi everyone,

When I try streamig a video online into realplayer I keep getting a message saying:Stack overflow line 4.

I have googled this but couldn't find a straight forward answer. Could anyone help (I am not a technical wizard so please keep language simple if possible)?

I have seen the Micosoft page but this was way to technical for me.



  MAJ 17:27 21 Mar 09

Try "Real Alternative" click here instead of the Real player.

  Sea Urchin 17:30 21 Mar 09

Stick to one thread - double posting confuses those who are trying to help you

click here

  Hendrikus 17:45 21 Mar 09

Sorry Maj but I have downloaded this programm and uninstalled RealPlayer but this didn't work either. The problem isn't RealPlayer I thinks because I can download files to it and play them. The problem occurs when I live stream a programm t watch in the browser (this particular programm uses Real Player).



  Hendrikus 17:48 21 Mar 09

I have just tried playing a Real file on a different website but got the same notification (Stack Overflow). I assume it's not Real Player or the website then but a problem with my computer or software.

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