SSI - Thoughts and is there an alternative.

  powerless 19:23 22 Sep 05

I'm trying to add SSI for navigation links and copyright notices. When you are including a link to the *.SHTML does the document where the include is kept also have to be *.SHTML or can it be *.HTML as long as the include is *.SHTML?

[err i hope that makes sense]

Also is SSI the ideal way to allow me to update [in my case] naviagation links and copyright notices across multiple pages with one edit to the *.SHTML, that will be seen across muliple pages? Or is there an "easier" way?

  Forum Editor 20:01 22 Sep 05

1. Create a file called copyright.shtml and in it put your copyright notice in html:

©2005 Your Name. All rights reserved, all trademarks hereby acknowledged.

2.Do not include the <html>, <head> and <body> tags on this page.

3. Save the file in the root directory of your site.

4.Open the page on which the copyright footer is to appear and insert the following HTML:

<!--#include virtual="/copyright.html" -->

  Forum Editor 20:06 22 Sep 05

in my point 1 - it's changing this: "& copy 2005" to the copyright symbol.

You need to insert it as I've written it, but without the quotes and spaces

  powerless 21:27 22 Sep 05

I think?

"& copy 2005" didn't appear to work?

But "& copy; 2005" managed to put the copyright symbol in it's place. Did I do something wrong with "& copy 2005"?

[yes, quotes and spaces removed]

  phil 22:27 22 Sep 05

Another way to put a copyright notice along with automatic date is with this bit of script on each page.

I have it on my page templates and it works superbly. Sat watching it change on New Years Eve. Sad, I know.

I just hope this will come out properly:

Site © 1999-<script language = 'JavaScript' type="text/javascript"> type="text/javascript"
now = new Date
if (theYear < 1900)
</script> - all rights reserved

Once it's been done AND added to your templates then every new page you create will automatically update.

  Forum Editor 23:17 22 Sep 05

& copy;2005 (without the space) is correct.

  powerless 00:02 23 Sep 05

Cheers FE it is now working.

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