SSH Tunnel

  c4rm0 20:23 10 Jan 11

I am having problems setting up a SSH tunnel from my works or any other PC not on my network to my home PC which is running openssh for windows as the SSH server and i am completley stumped. I want to use a SSH tunnel so i can surf the web at work Anonymously

I have installed OpenSSH for windows + cygwin and copied the cygwin1.dll file to the openssh folder and created the username + password files with the mkgroup + mkpasswd commands and edited the sshd_config file to use port 443 i successfully started the opensshd service by typing in net start opensshd but when i try to use putty i cant connect i get the error message Network error "connection refused"

my batch file looks like this

putty -D 8080 -P 443 -ssh obviously thats not my ip

things i have tried .....

Restarting the opensshd service

making sure the firewall was off on all machines stopped the service

Port 443 is 100% forwarded on my router i have even ran multple port checks and they all say port 443 is open

Added the PC running the SSH server into DMZ

Disabled all AV

Uninstalled IIS ? read somewhere it takes port 443 /80 ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

  c4rm0 11:36 11 Jan 11

bump anyone ?

  ashleycardwell94 14:29 11 Jan 11

I if was you, i would check the It security policy. Also, why anonymously, what sort of things will you be doing that you need to hide them? Cant you just use a proxy?

What about remote desktop, that uses encryption.

try this to see if you can be seen from the web

click here

make sure your router is configured and the pc is set in the DMZ

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