wotbus@ 16:41 23 Aug 11

Hi. I'm considering changing from a Raptor HDD to a SSD in the interest of performance. Do you treat them the same way as a conventional HDD; that is simply clone one to the other? Ideally the OS should be re-installed but that would be too labour intensive in my case. Thanks.

  wee eddie 17:26 23 Aug 11

Having just had a look at the latest Raptor's review, to my way of thinking, the only advantage of an SSD would be as home to your OS and the concomitant reduction in Start-up and Close-down times.

You could use it as home to selected Software as well but I can see little advantage, over the Raptor, in speed of Storage and Movie Making & Replay.

This is an opinion, rather than Fact Based Research.

  sunnystaines 18:42 23 Aug 11

not got one yey but thinking about it.

i understand you do not defrag but set the "TRIM" command and it woks in the background on its own.

put the O/S on the ssd and everything else on a secondary hdd. the useual helpers will come in with more advice.

not sure if its worth moving the page file.

  wotbus@ 09:28 24 Aug 11

Thanks guys.

What I wanted to know is do you simply clone them like you would an ordinary HDD or does file transfer have to be done differently.

  PSF 16:53 24 Aug 11


Have a look at It tells you the best way to set up an SSD. It is the best practice to do a fresh install to align the partitons, Win 7 and Vista do this automatically when you carry out the install.

  gengiscant 17:09 24 Aug 11

I'm with 'PSF' on this fresh install, in fact if you are only getting a 60GB SSD as I have then just the OS and programs ,about 100 at the last count with 16 and a bit GB still to play with then I find that its a relatively painless prospect to do a fresh install from time to time.

Everything else Steam (267GB of games) music, videos etc are on other drives.

  wotbus@ 15:26 07 Sep 11

OK guys, thanks.

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