SSD Drive & Sata drive issues

  Wulfrune 03 Dec 11

Today I fitted a Crucial M4 256gb SSD drive to my computer.

I would like to say that all went well, but I'm here, so it didn't.

Firstly Acronis True image turned out to be of no use to me, so I ended up putting a fresh copy of Windows 7 on there. I ran the sata cable to the 6gb output port and connected to remain two large capacity drives to the Sata 3gb's. It didn't like that, no matter what I tried, I could not get the ssd drive to run with the 2 "2 TB's drives" in their sata homes on the motherboard. I CAN however, get drives to work via a docking station connected externally. Help anyone please?



  rossgolf 03 Dec 11

check your motherboard manual and look for some information on the numbering of the SATA ports. IE, Sata0, Sata1 etc I remember something when i put my SSD in to do with certain numbers supporting certain things.

Worth a shot

  rdave13 04 Dec 11

Not an expert on this but the C: drive should be connected to the first connector numbered on the mobo. Sometimes numbered as zero and sometimes numbered one. Take a close look at your motherboard's details and make sure the SSD is connected to the right connection regardless of the transfer rate. If you have a sata cable rated as 6GB then that would help. Using an ordinary Sata cable reduces it to 3 GB but I think the motherboard should support Sata 3 for the highest tranfer rate and cable to suit.

  rdave13 04 Dec 11


Working out my answer while you posted. I agree.

  Wulfrune 04 Dec 11

Thanks guys, I'll hit the books then.

But, still welcome more comments

  Wulfrune 04 Dec 11

I am happy to tell you all that I sorted the problem out.... It was a "bios" issue.

All is working well, fast and well.

Thanks for the help people

Case closed.


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