tech_savy 10:21 AM 04 May 12

Hi there I am planning to replace the HDD in my Sony Vaio VGN-NW240F laptop with a SSD that i have bought. Having read a few articles, I see that the I have to change BIOS SATA connection setting to AHCI.

But in the Sony laptop that i have, there is no option for SATA Connection as it is Aptio Setup utlity.

Any ideas on how I go about setting the SATA connection?.

Or can I still go ahead and connect my SSD and install Windows 7?.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  KRONOS the First 11:13 AM 04 May 12

You do not need to change the setting just go ahead and install Windows 7 on the SSD drive.

But which one of these laptops is yours? Sony Vaio

  tech_savy 11:21 AM 04 May 12

thanks Chronus. I bought this laptop in US and model is VGN-NW240F.

  tech_savy 11:25 AM 04 May 12
  KRONOS the First 11:57 AM 04 May 12

Thanks for that. Had a look at the manual very little about the BIOS in there so cannot see where,if any the settings for ACHI would be. As I said it really does not matter.


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