Squid Proxy

  Sir Radfordin 20:49 02 Dec 04

Anyone out there using a Squid proxy? If so any known problems accessing secure webpages?

  Forum Editor 23:28 02 Dec 04

TCP port 443 - The HTTPS port used for secure Internet transactions. Forgetting to do this causes many a problem.

  Sir Radfordin 10:51 03 Dec 04

Sadly a bit more complicated than that FE. The company I work for have a secure website that can't be accessed by various ISPs. We have found out that some of these ISPs are running Squid proxies which sometimes can and sometimes can't access some of the secure webpages that make up part of our site.

Is proving to be a nightmare to troubleshoot! Was looking to see if anyone was using Squid to see if they wanted to have problems as well...

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