spywareguard is it of any use now

  david.h 17:54 23 Sep 04

i have spywareguard and spyware blaster to block incomming spyware and spybot and adaware se to clean those that get in.
SPYWAREGUARD has not had updates for ages there is no longer info on it other than the download link on its website. has spywareblaster now absorbed this programe?
any of our forum experts advise on this please.

  rawprawn 18:53 23 Sep 04

As far as I know the two programs have different uses, Spywareguard simply does not need updates. You enter your homepage and that is what it guards, Spywareblaster has frequent updates and sits quietly in the background defending against spyware by taking up room in the registry that any particular spyware that is loaded into it's database might need.

  dagwoood 19:01 23 Sep 04

Keep on using Spywareguard as it still works!

The reason there hasn't been an update since January is that Spywareguard works diffently than say anti-virus and malware software, in that it doesn't require definitions of each individual threat. Have a look at this click here

Hope this helps, dagwoood.

  david.h 19:12 23 Sep 04

thank you for the advice, i will keep it going

  leo49 19:25 23 Sep 04

Not so - you obviously don't use the program else you'd know that your statement;

"Spywareguard simply does not need updates. You enter your homepage and that is what it guards"

is total rubbish.Your description fits a program called StartpageGuard but not alas the subject of the thread which has in it's GUI a live Update button!

  rawprawn 19:29 23 Sep 04

You are quite right I misread it, and I apologise. Although I wouldn't have expected such a vigorous reponse.

  johnnyrocker 19:33 23 Sep 04

now now settle down;)


  leo49 19:35 23 Sep 04

I call a spade a spade - if something's rubbish I say so - I'd have thought you'd know that by now and that it's not personal merely a description of the statement.

  rawprawn 19:54 23 Sep 04

"you obviously don't use the program else you'd know that your statement"; Untrue, as I said I misread it, and as you see your assumptions /statements are not always correct. Spade or shovel

  leo49 20:07 23 Sep 04

Fair enough - it's a bit too early for the weekly Friday night fight so let's kiss and makeup. :o)

  rawprawn 20:50 23 Sep 04

OK ***** :o)

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