spywareblaster will not open

  Snrub 10 Aug 11

Spywareblaster will not open so I uninstalled it and re-installed it, still will not open, requests UAC permission and given but still will not open then a message pops up saying failed to create IDespatch. Any ideas please?

  northumbria61 10 Aug 11

If not already installed - download and install Revo Uninstaller to completely remove before reinstalling - link text

  T I M B O 10 Aug 11

Then after you have completed revo, right click the .exe and install as administrator.

Best of luck!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 Aug 11

failed to create IDespatch is usually a problem with McAfee, are you running McAfee?

  Snrub 10 Aug 11

yes have already done Revo Uninstaller and installed as administrator. Yes Fruitbat running McAfee but have tried disabling McAffe but still will not open.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10 Aug 11

HAve a read here

  john bunyan 10 Aug 11

No problem using Spywareblaster with Avira as Antivivus so it must be McAfee as Fruit Bat/\o/\ says

  Karakorum 10 Aug 11

Anytime a security app won't perform I tend to look for malware.

  Snrub 10 Aug 11

malware checks do not find any problems.

  Snrub 10 Aug 11

Run McAfee Virtual Technician which confirms all files and registry settings correct so think the problem is related to Windows 7 UAC

  T I M B O 11 Aug 11

In my personal opinion, software like Norton & McAfee & now AVG is all bloated with extra gadgets. I think it maybe a good idea just to try and revo McAfee, give pc a quick clean with ccleaner, reboot and then try and install Spywareblaster. If Spywareblaster does install then re instate McAfee and see how that goes.

Avira is ok, but unless it's a paid for version, then it gives nil protection with email clients installed on your pc.

UAC can be turned off (If you wish): 1, Click start 2, Type in "start search" msconfig & press enter. 3, Once the "System Configuration" windows comes up, click on the Tools tab. 4, Scroll close to the bottom and look for "Disable UAC" 5, Once you have clicked Disable UAC, then click the "Launch" button. A cmd window will appear, just close that. Now reboot.

Best of luck !!


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