SpywareBlaster vs SpywareGuard

  Jackcoms 11:25 04 Dec 04

I've used SpywareBlaster for longer than I can remember and I'm aware of SpywareGuard - but I've never really understood the subtle difference between the two.

Can somebody explain to me please.

  Nellie2 11:28 04 Dec 04

It's probably best to let Javacool do the talking! click here and click here

  david.h 11:32 04 Dec 04

I use both spyware guard has so far only given one warning since installing a few months ago.But i am still grateful of this freeware program.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 11:44 04 Dec 04

Is blaster blasts it before it gets on your computer, I presume you would not want guard?

Or have I missed something. I have neither but am interested in protection.

  herc182 11:45 04 Dec 04

i use both and never really have anything come up on adaware or spybot (infact nothing ever comes up on spybot except for that DSO exploit.....

have just downloaded GIANT anti spyware trial from click here(jfkem3555zsdhges5nputz2t)/p_antispyware.aspx from advice from click here (scroll down to the trustworthy products). this too has real time protection and the program itself looks exceptional and works a dream (explains everything, which is good for me). so would definately recommend that (thanks to VOG for that!)

  VoG II 11:53 04 Dec 04

SpywareBlaster sets registry keys to prevent malware from installing. It does not have to be left running.

SpywareGuard works like anti-virus protection, scanning for malware. It has to be left running in the background.

These programs are complementary (and complimentary!).

  Jackcoms 11:58 04 Dec 04


Succinct and useful reply, as usual!

One final question. I already use AdAware and Spybot, do I really need SpywareGuard as well?

  herc182 12:13 04 Dec 04

spyware guard stops it getting on your computer in the first place....although spybot should do that also through "immunize"

  Jackcoms 15:27 04 Dec 04

Thanks for all your replies

  Andsome 16:32 04 Dec 04

Spybot S & D latest edition has been fixed to stop the DSO exploit false positive from showing up.

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