Spywareblaster and Spy Sweeper

  VCR97 19:57 25 May 04

SWB has a selectable facility to "Prevent spyware/tracking cookies". SS has a selectable facility to "Detect and remove tracking cookies". Is there likely to be a conflict? Would it be sensible to disable the facility in Spy Sweeper?

  johnnyrocker 20:25 25 May 04

i run both with no apparent probs


  0006 20:46 25 May 04

Me too! Never any problems.
Heck, I use SpywareGuard as well and run Spybot every now and again as a 'back-up'.
It seems you can never have enough anti-spyware these days...

  VCR97 19:58 26 May 04

That's what I hoped for, but better to ask than to have a disaster! Thanks.

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