Spyware terminator Web Guard

  helpmeplease. 12:11 05 Mar 08

Does anyone using spyware terminator have the web security guard activated?
Is it worth doing or is it a pain.

  RobCharles1981 13:20 05 Mar 08

Id like to know this too anyone advise us?

  Actor One 13:26 05 Mar 08

....and yes after a while I switched it off, as it slows down any searches to a crawl. But it does what it says on the tin, each and every site you visit, every time you visit, and if you have a Google basic search, and you have 100`000`s of results, then you can guess how slow it may become. Best thing I can say is try it and find out. But as I have SystemSuite 8 with NetDefense which has a similar feature, that`s what I now use.

  sunny staines 14:32 05 Mar 08

tried it & it messed up other programs so I HAVE DELETED THAT OPTION.

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