A spyware question

  mahalo 19:34 04 Jun 05

I have read the reviews of spyware in the June issue of PCA, and Counterspy comes out tops. At the moment, I have AVG.Adaware,Spyblaster and Spybot. I also have a 30 day trial of Spysweeper which I thought about purchasing after the trial period. However the Counterspy looks good, if I purchase this, will I have to remove the others ?.

I would like to say the Spysweeper is stopping items that others are not, which is why I thought about that one.
Now I would apprciate you help on this one.
Many thanks

  Nellie2 20:01 04 Jun 05

I've not heard about any legitimate anti spyware programs conflicting with each other.

  mahalo 20:28 04 Jun 05

Thank you Nellie2, I wondered if you can have too much Av/Spyware etc, I think sometimes I am being over cautious, being an old biddy I worry that these thing will wreck my computer.

  Nellie2 20:47 04 Jun 05

If you run more than one AV on your system then they will most likely conflict... you only need one good anti virus and make sure you keep it up to date.

There is nothing wrong with having more than one AV installed.. as long as you only have one running giving you real time protection, you can use the other for back up scanning as long as you disable your main AV first.

As far as Anti Spyware products go, I find that if you scan with more than one then one will pick up what the other misses... no harm in that.

If you want to check out a product then visit this site

click here

Check the rogue list, or click on the link for Trustworthy antispyware products.

  Number 7 21:46 04 Jun 05

As Nellie2 says, there's nothing wrong with having more than one anti-spyware program installed.

Problems can occur if you have one anti-spyware program set to provide real-time protection- it monitors for spyware in a similar way to your antivirus- and you install another anti-spyware program and select real-time protection.

The two programs could then conflict with one another.

If you have more than one anti-spyware program installed, then choose which one you want to use in real-time and disable real-time in the other programs.

Any of them can be used as a scanner, as this isn't real-time protection.

I use CounterSpy for real-time protection, and Adaware and Spybot as scanners.

Microsoft's Antispyware is similar to CounterSpy, and it's free: click here

  mahalo 15:45 05 Jun 05

Number 7, when I "click here", it leads me back to my posting. Cheers

  VoG II 15:46 05 Jun 05

AntiSpyware click here

  mahalo 09:18 06 Jun 05

Thank you Vog, I tried to get the AntiSpy, I got to the validation number, then it asks for the windows number, which could be on a sticker on the back of the computer and there isn't, so I am stuck now. Cheers.

  961 10:57 06 Jun 05

If you have Sisoft Sandra installed (usually 0n magazine disks) you will find the product key under "Windows Information"

Several other shareware programmes will find the key and it is also available in the registry

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:11 06 Jun 05

You can download Antispy without doing the validation check just click the do not validate button.

  mahalo 21:29 09 Jun 05

thanks Fruitbat/\0/
I will try that. and thank you all for your replies.


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