spyware on pc

  chrisjohn 18:48 08 May 06

i am running spyware detector and ad-aware,i have a cookie called variant of gain/gator which is sending info someware,i can romove it with these spyware progs,but soon as i open internet explorer it comes back! does any one know how to get rid of it.

  961 18:54 08 May 06

switch off system restore and then remove again

install spywareblaster

  ACOLYTE 18:56 08 May 06

You could try click here add it to the always delete list and it should delete it as soon as it is detected.But i would run some more scans first,try this click here
and this click here you may have other malware on the system.

  chrisjohn 19:41 08 May 06

still on pc.

  beynac 21:35 08 May 06

I'm glad that your "spy progs" protected you from this menace.

  chrisjohn 21:47 08 May 06

problem still here.

  beynac 22:06 08 May 06

Download HijackThis from here click here

Double-click on "hijackthis_sfx.exe". This will create a folder, "C:\HijackThis", extract the program into that folder, and then open the folder for you. It will also create a shortcut on your desktop to HijackThis.

Open HijackThis and click on "Do a system scan and save a logfile". Copy the log and post it here click here

An expert on that forum will help you.

  chrisjohn 22:21 08 May 06


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