Spyware and offensive content...

  Gaz 25 21:22 24 Jun 04

I have quite a stringent set-up on all computers connected to the Internet. They are all protected with antivirus, firewall and content filtering at gateway level.

And each of the clients has additional security sofwtare and anti-spyware in the forum of Spyware Blaster/Guard, Adaware and spybot.

However the cretins still get past and upon a run with spybot it finds lots of adverts, dialers, etc. Mainly from what the kids download.

As you can understand I dont want this junk on my systems + the fact that the kids are teenagers so in the logs many connections to offensive sites - I mean really offensive.

I have keyword blocking and surfcontrol on all systems, still no way to stop it.

Now if they type essex in google: Blocked!

If I visit PCadvisor, some pages are blocked.

This is so annoying - is there any fool proof software. You have to limit your web so much - that I cant even see Active X or Java they are blanked out with: Blocked! Just to keep kids out of wrong things.

Why, oh why should we have to do this?

There should be some law as what people put on the net - and make all domains related to sex end in a suffix: .sex or something. Because simply typing a wrong spelling comes up with bad stuff... that loads junk on to your PC.

As for cookies and downloads, kids just stupidly press Ok, open. :-@

Winds me up! Why are there so many sado's creating such polava. Mental. What is the point of all this spyware junk, viruses, etc.

Crazy! However I am not prepaired to let them get their own way - I'll find some fool proof way of blocking it. Eventually - until they find a way to bypass it.

To be honest at the moment there are limited sites that work.

Before I went to siteuptime.com and becuase the logo was filenamed: title.gif

of course (tit)le



So annoying.

Keep safe everyone anyway!

  Gaz 25 21:25 24 Jun 04

Only you must admit - its getting beyond a joke this spyware rubbish, etc.

These offensive sites need to be dealt with. Don't mind long as the damn creators of the pages would classify the site and NOT put dialers on to your system automatically. :-@

Thats simply why .exe files are blocked at the moment through my network + adds further annoyance when I need to download a vital update, or program.

  Gaz 25 21:26 24 Jun 04

Whats actually blocked at the mo on the PCA site is:

http :// ilinks.industrybrains. com/Search /GetResults _Html.asp?

  Gaz 25 21:29 24 Jun 04


Oh thats becuase PCA adverts have the string:

GetResults _Html.asp?adult=no

Adult - filtered.

  end 21:51 24 Jun 04

believe you me, you have my sympathies;???how old are the children??? and how many????

  Gaz 25 21:54 24 Jun 04


2 boys and a girl.

8, 12, 15 going on for 16

  VoG II 22:54 24 Jun 04

Give them a limited account.

Set the homepage to click here

  Gaz 25 00:33 25 Jun 04

lol, thats exactly what they are.

Anyways, they are on a restricted user account (XP Pro)

and the spyware still somehow installs itself! Ghrrr

  Gaz 25 00:34 25 Jun 04

+ Whatever the account, I dont want porn websites, etc being acessed from my connection!.

  VoG II 07:41 25 Jun 04

I meant click here

  end 08:37 25 Jun 04

SOMETHING "out there" to deal with this folks..isnt there????? and if so, I"d like to know about it TOO........

Gaz25; I presume they are all at the computer for homework and "the rest"??????? LOVELY "handful"!!!!!

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