Spyware, is this the end

  inneedofhelp 14:56 21 Jun 04

Please see this link, good news for us perhaps

click here

  Thetford Brian 14:59 21 Jun 04

Hope So!!
But the U.S. law won't come into effect till later this year.

  Jackcoms 15:03 21 Jun 04

And if the US think that by simply passing a bill, all of our malware problems will be solved, the yanks are even more naive than I gave them credit for!

  €dstowe 15:09 21 Jun 04

Once again the USA presumes it is the centre of the Universe and any law passed there will, in turn, affect the whole of civilisation. Well, it won't.

There are innumerable other countries where spam, spyware, malware of all kinds could, and does, emanate and, similarly, innumerable countries where the USA has no jurisdiction (or are they going to bomb them with "shock and awe" tactics into submission like the fiasco in Iraq?)


  woodchip 15:09 21 Jun 04

And that Law is for USA

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:23 21 Jun 04

It will not stop mail/programmes being sent from foreign countries...waste o'space.


  Audeal 16:40 21 Jun 04

Maybe the United Nations could take a hand in this by passing a law making each member country responsible for policing their own countries and preventing these Spying programs from crossing borders and then stoping these "Spy's" from passing on their wares within their own borders.

Well, We can all dream, can't we.

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