Spyware Doctor - is there a free version.....

  Red Devil 18:24 23 Sep 05

That removes the malware it finds?

I've run the program and it finds 113 items of malware/spyware/adware.

But it won't remove them unless I register - which means paying for the program. I'd downloaded it on the recommendation that it was free unless you wanted support - and then you paid.

I've run Microsoft's spyware program, Ad-Ware, SpyBot, a-squared and SpySweeper and none of them finds the spyware that Spyware Doctor says it has found. I'm now concerned that my computer is riddled with spyware that I can't do much about.

I've already purchased Ad-Ware and SpySweeper and can't afford to buy another spyware program.

Help or suggestions are more than welcome!! ;)

  Phphred 18:32 23 Sep 05

click here
get this trial version of A2 and if this doesn't find anything then get rid of Spyware Doctor

  GaT7 18:35 23 Sep 05

This Spyware Doctor version is free & will remove scum it finds click here (taken from click here). G

  Red Devil 18:38 23 Sep 05

I've already got a-squared and it says that it doesn't find any malware apart from Mirc.exe and it's backup.

But I've had Spyware Doctor recommended to me and seen it recommended by a major computer magazine too so am understandably concerned.

  GaT7 18:39 23 Sep 05

Not used Spyware Doctor before, so best to set a System Restore point before removing anything.

Or, if unsure of what to delete, ask here first & we'll do our best to help. G

  Phphred 18:51 23 Sep 05

I have just downloaded and run Spyware Doctor. It says that it found twenty-five infections on my computer but they were classed as "LOW RISK" If yours are Low Risk thenignore them!

  patsyanne 18:59 23 Sep 05

I am running it now and its up to 4 infections yet i just ran spybot and not long ago Ewido that is my favourite

  Phphred 19:01 23 Sep 05

I have just run CCleaner and all spyware has gone!

  Andsome 19:01 23 Sep 05

Beware of programs which may give you false positives and not allow you to delete them without paying. This is sometimes a good way of selling a program. There are plenty of free anti spyware programs. Spyware blaster, Spybot S & D, A Squared, Adaware etc.

  GaT7 19:08 23 Sep 05

Andsome, the free version of Spyware Doctor I posted earlier will delete stuff it finds. G

  GaT7 19:27 23 Sep 05

These are the rogue/suspect/bogus antispyware programs you'd want to avoid click here. G

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