Spyware Doctor

  Tinker Bell 11:55 13 Jul 08

I've downloaded spyware doctordone a scan which has found 5 threats & 30 infections, when I click on "fix checked" it's asking me to subscribe, how do I delete the threats and infections?

  awest3 12:39 13 Jul 08

I found the same thing...I uninstalled it and used 'Superantispy' instead. (its free).

  Belatucadrus 12:43 13 Jul 08

Spyware Doctor isn't a freebie, so either pay up to unlock it or use an alternative like Spyware Terminator click here which is FOC.

  awest3 12:50 13 Jul 08

Sorry that should have read 'superantispyware'

  ronalddonald 14:01 13 Jul 08

version did you downlaod and from where.

This is the free version form google people.

click here

  Tinker Bell 14:11 13 Jul 08

ronald, I downloaded from this site under downloads, it says free, which is why I downloaded it, however, I must have gone wrong somewhere to have ended up with the paid version.

I've now downloaded & installed Spyware Terminator.

Thanks to all for your advice.

  Tinker Bell 14:13 13 Jul 08

Sorry, I forgot to say, I try not to use Google, my browser became highjacked using Google once, it was a nightmare trying to get rid of the dam trojan, ever since, I've used Yahoo instead.

  ronalddonald 14:26 13 Jul 08

this is the only free version if you try to download directly by the makers of the software it will run a scan but then to remove the prolems you have to pay.

Whereas the free version it sorts the problems out, you can if you look carefully not to have google as the homepage this is at the bottom the google downloader box.

You could also go for superantispyware from
click here

also try winaso this very good program it will clean the registry you cna clean 10 itmes at a time but you could clean once a day or try to do a full clean by running it constay. also has very good optimiser

  Tinker Bell 00:17 14 Jul 08

Thanks ronaddonald

I just got back home and checking my postings, I'll look into your comments tomorrow.

Cheers mate

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