Spyware blaster protection query

  gel 14:54 09 Jul 09

I use Spyware blaster which gives me protection with Ineternet Explorer and Firefox browsers.
I have just Installed Google's Chrome browser.
How do I get Spyware Blaster to protect me when using this browser?

  T I M B O 15:01 09 Jul 09

Spyware Blaster does not protect using Chrome.I have also spotted that Spybot does not either, but this is not to say they wont.

  gel 15:05 09 Jul 09

Thanks TIMBO
Perhaps some one will come with a protector that will accommodate Chrome

  T I M B O 15:13 09 Jul 09

I use chrome also, i think it works very fast, but i like all the tools that comes with opera.

Happy browsing ;-)

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