Spyware blaster, new version

  Andsome 08:54 08 Apr 03

A new version of Spyware blaster is available for free download. click here

  €dstow 09:15 08 Apr 03


No new version but a number of items to update (370 now).

There was an new version last week though.


  Mango Grummit 09:31 08 Apr 03

Yup Andsome, €dstow is correct. New version has been available from the fourth and updates from about 1.30 this morning.

  Andsome 09:38 08 Apr 03

I only spotted it this morning, as usual I am behind the times

  €dstow 10:36 08 Apr 03

Not to worry, your post reminded me to check for updates!


  GroupFC 10:44 08 Apr 03

How do you get your updates?

I have just tried to update and got the message "No updates available". Am I doing something wrong? I know there must be some as I am only showing 333 items (4/4/03).

Any advice/guidance will be very much appreciated.

  €dstow 10:49 08 Apr 03

I just click on "Check for Updates" on the opening page of SWB. There are 370 definitions in mine now with the latest updates being today.


  GroupFC 10:53 08 Apr 03

Thanks €d, I thought I was doing it right and that's what I was doing but it ain't working!

I suppose I will just have to keep trying!!

  hoverman 10:55 08 Apr 03

I only thing I can suggest, if you still can't update, is to reinstall Spywareblaster and try again.

  GroupFC 12:45 08 Apr 03

Thanks for your suggestion. I have now tried that and it still doesn't want to co-operate!

I am relatively new to all this. Should I have uninstalled before I re-installed it?

  hoverman 13:44 08 Apr 03

I do not think it essential to uninstall first but it won't do any harm to try. Other than that I can't think of anything else. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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