spyware blaster 4.1

  lofty29 12:22 18 Jun 08

Hi anyone downloaded the new version yet, any problems or conflicts???

  hiwatt 12:23 18 Jun 08

Yes I downloaded.All ok here.No problems atall.

  provider 2 12:31 18 Jun 08

No problems.

(XP Sp2, Avast!, SUPERAntispyware, Spybot (no Teatimer), A-Squared)

  Stuartli 12:53 18 Jun 08

No problems.

  User-1229748 12:57 18 Jun 08

same again - no problems running with vista h premium

  birdface 13:03 18 Jun 08

Only problems if you use AVG8.If you delete what AVG 8 finds it just removes security from some SpywareBlaster protection.You have to go back into spywareBlaster and enable everything again.Apart from that no other problems that I have noticed.

  birdface 07:28 19 Jun 08

Just remembered.After downloading Spywareblaster4.1.The next time I ran a scan on AVG8 it picked up a SpywareBlaster Trojan and removed it.I thought that was a bit funny as I usually get 190 problems with active X and it doe's not remove any of those.Maybe worth running your anti-virus just to make sure all is Ok.

spyware blaster shouldnt really conflict with anything, all it does is install killbits for active x nasties and add bad sites to restricted sites in ie.
i cant understand how an av program would see swb as a problem, it's used by millions because of it's resource free operation as is usually whitelisted anyway. i think the problem with avg is it does the same as does spybot immunise and they use different databases, if the programs well written they should just cover what the other misses as do swb + spybot and advanced windows care too for that matter.

  cocteau48 10:44 19 Jun 08

I have posed this query before and as yet no one has come up with a logical answer.
Spywareblaster and Spybot S/D install registry scripts identical to those which would be installed by REAL malware/adware and thereby stops that real infection in its tracks.
AVG (quite correctly if it is doing its job properly) cannot distinguish between the two types of registry script .... they should be identical after all .... so flags them all as a warning.
I have no problem with that.
Why is it that this is peculiar to the new AVG8 and does not happen with any of the other much used and respected AV programs?
Is AVG doing a better job than the others or is it just a gimmick to make it look as though it is doing a better job?

not sure, i just wish software companies would stick at what they're good at, ie i want a firewall or i want an av. give it a year and everyone will just be making bloated clashy security suites.

  provider 2 12:31 19 Jun 08

A bit on the hysterical side, but ...

click here=

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