spyware advice please

  tozi1 22:18 18 Sep 08

Hi I'm a bit confused about the whole spyware/security thing.We had a trojan (i think) which resulted in an online account being cleared out.We had the macafee as recommended by aol,but the spyware turned it off,and i didn't notice.We have used the banks mandatory downloads to clean things up,which included skybot,re-enabled the macafee,set to scan everyday,but (sorry about the length of this post) after the initial account problem i panicked and downloaded (and paid for) the first bit of anti spyware software i found,and i think this was actually spyware itself,as skybot listed it as such.Spybot got rid of most of it,but it keeps trying to come back on startup,the bogus spyware was spyware detector,and now i don't know how to get rid of the start up problem,or indeed what security protocol i should be using to keep things clean.I am reasonably pc literate,as long as its not too techy! Any help much appreciated

  MarvintheAndroid 00:38 19 Sep 08

Try re-installing spyware detector then uninstall it properly using add-remove programs. Using a third party utility to "delete" it is sure to cause problems.

BTW trojans are viruses, not spyware, and Spyware Detector looks to be a legitimate product. click here

So probably you are OK.

  brundle 01:23 19 Sep 08

Fake; click here

Download and scan with Superantispyware click here and Malwarebytes Antimalware click here

If they don't shift it run HJT click here and post the log at this forum click here

  tozi1 08:53 19 Sep 08

Thanks for the advice.It would seem that spyware detector may be legit,but there seems to be a big question mark over them,certainly our bank would not reinstate the account with spybot indicating spyware detector as malware.Before using the remove function on spybot i tried to remove the spyware detector using the add/remove function,but as it did not appear in the list as populated by the pc i became even more suspicious and so used the spybot facility-i guess this is why i'm having start up problems.I have no idea how to resolve this,so i guess its a visit to a specialist.Many thanks for your help

  User-1229748 15:36 19 Sep 08

brundles link isn't working for me so if you take his advice you won't have to pay,this is the link to hjtclick here

  provider 2 16:39 20 Sep 08

There is a problem to do with the name here.

Max Secure Spyware Detector is a ligitimate program.
Spyware Detector is not: click here

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