Spyder 2 Pro and Win7

  ventanas 12:08 29 Jun 11

According to Datacolor it won't work, but I've seen many reports that say it does. Just wondered if anyone had tried it. Also, as it has to make contact with the screen can it work with touch screens. As my three pc's are now all Win7 it's a bit of an expensive item to have to throw away.

Grateful for any help.

  hssutton 08:39 30 Jun 11

It works ok for me. Have you downloaded the updates. I would expect it to work with touch screens, but I'm only guessing.

when I updated to W7 I downloaded Spyder2express 2.3.6 win which works ok on my 64bit machine

  ventanas 09:30 30 Jun 11

Hi, thanks for that. I have 2.3.5 available for Pro so will look for the later version of express. Does it lose any functions being for for the lower spec device? If I choose to think a bit I suppose I could just place the device against the screen before installing to see what happens. Will be no good if things keep changing.

Will be used on 64bit desktop and 32bit laptop.

Again thanks.

  ventanas 10:27 30 Jun 11

Sorry, but have just thought. I assume there is no problem using a serial number for the Pro software on an Express installation.

  hssutton 11:02 30 Jun 11

Have just been doing a search and find that it works for some, but not for others. I just entered the serial number that came with pro software.

I've only just gone back to colorvision software as I was using the coloreye software which came initially with an unlimited trial, unfortunately the latest update put a one week time limit on it. As far as I can remember colorvision works as it always did.

  ventanas 11:44 30 Jun 11

Thanks, I'll put the Express software on over the weekend. I found the same as you with Pro, some were ok, others not.

Again, thanks for the help.

  ventanas 21:23 30 Jun 11

Thanks, something to bear in mind. But I've just placed the unit on the touch screen very carefully, and it was ok. Obviously avoided any shortcuts on the desktop, and kept the cursor out of the way.

Will have a proper go at the weekend.

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