Spybot S&D, Avenue,A Inc. and browsing Hotmail.

  joelmb 10:37 24 Mar 04

Hi. I have Spybot s&d installed, and everytime I try to browse certain well known sites, for example, hotmail, where all my pca forum mail comes to, I get an alert that Spybot has detected

'You want to download "Avenue,A Inc." This is a known threat. Do you want to download BLOCK software?'

Every time I have to click Yes, and every time consequently I go to a new email the same alert pops up. Its very irritating! I've assumed it isn't really a threat as before installing Spybot I never had any problems with viewing ads in hotmail, so I go into Spybot and exclude Avenue,A Inc. from scans. It doesnt take any notice however of this and still alerts me! Can someone tell me a./ how I can permanently ban it or b./ permanently allow it in Spybot???

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 10:41 24 Mar 04

You can clcik no and it shouldnt matter,but you can turn it of in spybot by going to i think the online/immunise part and uninstalling block bad downloads bit but then it leaves you open for other nastys i havent had that alert for ages in spybot.


  joelmb 10:41 24 Mar 04

I just noticed that when I delete all the email in my hotmail inbox that the alert ceases to come up which makes me wonder if its actually a particular email Im receiving that holds the threat. Is this possible, without opening email that it is detecting it?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 10:42 24 Mar 04

P.S try setting it to block downloads silenty befor you uninstall.


  joelmb 11:32 24 Mar 04

Phew! Thanks, that worked what a relief!

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