Spybot D&D updates

  hoverman 06:34 16 Aug 03

Some new updates were available when I checked this morning but two of them - namely 'Application Updater' and 'Integrated Tools' report a Bad Checksum and will not download. Have reinstalled Spybot S&D with no success with these two. Anyone else having the same problem?

  -pops- 06:50 16 Aug 03

Yes, same here.


  hoverman 06:52 16 Aug 03

Many thanks - glad to know the problem is not at my end.

  Andsome 07:35 16 Aug 03

I had the same problem, it is with the Kolla site. If you click 'find new updates, then look just to the right of the download button, by the download site selected, there is a very small triangle next to the download site. Click this and select window downloader. I selected Australia, and the update cam immediately.

  hoverman 07:46 16 Aug 03

Cheers. Didn't think of trying the other sites. Both downloaded OK from the Australian one. Will know better next time!

  -pops- 08:53 16 Aug 03

Excellent - thanks Andsome!!!


  krypt1c 11:18 16 Aug 03

Thanks for the link on the thread I started. Download from the Aus mirror aok - Krypt1c

  spuds 13:32 16 Aug 03

Superb - Thanks for the Aus download info. Worked a treat.

  hugh-265156 15:41 16 Aug 03


  Andsome 15:52 17 Aug 03

I am not only extremely andsome I am also brilliant

  suzie005 18:47 17 Aug 03

yeah i was downloading and the screen went white.rebooted and came in here saw this thread and downloaded the remaining updates but the MS DOS box came up briefly and i have no idea wot it said.where do i go to find out?

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