marcbryant 04:02 05 Mar 06

Is anybody else having probs with spybot? Every time I try and download the updates it tells me I have a bad checksum and will not update.

Is there anything I can do?


  smokingbeagle 04:06 05 Mar 06

Change the default download server. The Safer Networking servers seem to be good.

  marcbryant 04:19 05 Mar 06

Excuse my ignorance! How do you do that?

  smokingbeagle 04:25 05 Mar 06

On the Download screen in Spybot, the assigned server is stated (centre, towards the top) with a small dropdown arrow next to it. Use the dropdown to change the server / mirror.

  marcbryant 04:36 05 Mar 06

Great, thanks for your time. Worked a treat.

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