918 16:04 01 Oct 05

A mate of mine recons spybot is messing up his PC.I personally have'nt,had any probs,has any one on here had any.Mind you this mate does internet banking without a Firewall, silly or what!!!!!!!!!!

  sunny staines 17:10 01 Oct 05

I had problem with "teatimer" in spybot and unistalled that small part otherwise a very good program.

  VCR97 19:21 01 Oct 05

What are the symptoms of the messing-up?

  GaT7 19:37 01 Oct 05

"Mind you this mate does internet banking without a Firewall, silly or what!"

918, that's not as bad as you may think. All Internet banking sites are encrypted, so safe. Also, as long as they're entering their details in the correct site, & the web address begins with a httpS (the last s is important) & a lock icon is visible in the browser status bar, they're OK. This also applies to making online card payments or entering sensitive data on any site. G

  GaT7 19:41 01 Oct 05

What he should be careful about, though, is phishing & key-loggers click here. G

  PC Bilbo 21:35 01 Oct 05

Re banking, the more security aware banks have substited drop down menus to input log on codes to avoid key-logging as my bank did over a year ago.

To guard against phishing I use Netcraft Toolbar which is a free download from click here and is updatable as new phishing sites are discovered.

  GaT7 21:53 01 Oct 05

PC Bilbo, thanks for pointing that out, I'd forgotten. G

  Ancient Learner 21:59 01 Oct 05

Coming back to SpyBot.

I have just had it make a complete mess of my re installation of my scanner. It wouldn't let me do it, and if I chose to ignore it the install didn't happen. Birmingham screwdrivers seemed to be the only way! However, I won by uninstalling SpyBot and the scanner install breezed through.

I have found that it can be very intrusive recently, and spends its time shooting up messages at me, which if i click 'deny' causes whatever I am trying to do, not to happen and then a reboot is the only way forward then accept. Daft! So it is very likely to stay uninstalled, except for a quick check occasionally.

  918 22:32 01 Oct 05

cheers fellas

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