Spybot 1.3.1 TX is not the latest version

  VCR97 11:47 12 Jan 05

I have seen 1.3.1 TX being referred to as the latest version and people being recommended to install it. It isn't the latest version. Spybot 1.3.1 beta was released on 6 Aug '04 and the TX version (to address specific issues) was released on 13 Sept '04. Both were withdrawn on 26 Nov '04 and were removed from the home site. They should not be available from other sites. See click here for question and answer. The answer contains two links to threads which further explain the matter. Please note that I am reporting what is on the Spybot forum. Complaints, objections, etc. to that forum and not to me, please!

  ACOLYTE 12:00 12 Jan 05

I assume you refer to my post?,i didnt say it was the latest version only that it fixed the DSO exploit bug,it doesnt change anything about spybot just the DSO bug,spybot still works the same as before the fix,i have read the spybot forum pages about this and i installed this on my pc some time ago with no ill,affects.Im not gripping at you just pointing out about my post.

  rawprawn 12:19 12 Jan 05

If you allow Beta in settings of Spybot 1.3.1 TX does this not give you the latest version and solve the DSO problem ? I allow beta and I have never had a problem.

  VCR97 19:27 12 Jan 05

ACOLYTE. If you didn't use the word "latest" then it wasn't your post. There's been a few posts on the subject over time.
Rawprawn. I'm just quoting the Spybot forum. In view of the concern expressed by their people I thought it wise to draw this to the attention of others as we keep seeing recommedations here to use TX.

  Buchan 35 19:55 12 Jan 05

I`ve only seen one recommendation to use the TX version, which was ACOLYTE`s and that was to address a single issue

  The Sack 20:32 12 Jan 05

Been using beta 1.4 since it came out, its very fast click here

  Tenacious Green 21:02 12 Jan 05

My understanding is that the TX update, which was an add on, not a new version, was purely to solve the dso exploit problem. Maybe it was test, but it worked for me and others and has no caused no ill affect so am not worried about.

  VCR97 20:30 13 Jan 05

Buchan 35. There has been quite a few instances of TX being recommended but not always with that in the thread title. If everyone is happy, fair enough.

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