spy ware

  tAtu*! 16:27 10 Feb 06


Can anyone help on a quick question?

i currently have BT Yahoo anti-spy ware on my system whick was provided by my ISP. I am not 100% confident with it as a friend of mine had a few problems with it. Can you have more than one anti spy ware program running at any one time? I see a lot of people talking about 'SpyBot' or 'AdAware' and they seem to be well thought of?


  ade.h 16:29 10 Feb 06

Ditch that and install Ewido, A-squared (Emsisoft) and either MS Antispyware or Spyware Blaster.

I haven't got links, but they're only a websearch away.

  tAtu*! 16:52 10 Feb 06

thanks for that, i have just installed AdAware whick found 63 tracking cookies, which my other spyware didn't!

thanks for you help

  ade.h 16:58 10 Feb 06

If you run Ewido or A-squared, you may find more that just cookies. Spyware Blaster is regarded as having a high success rate too, but it's one of very few that I haven't used. Ewido recently found something that neither Ad-Aware nor MS Antispyware could find.

Also, I think that you should look at the Spyware Warrior site, which lists rogue scanners that should be avoided.

  Skyver 17:03 10 Feb 06

SpywareBlaster doesn't scan, it just installs a blacklist of ActiveX etc controls (amongst a few other useful features). I always install it on any machine I use/work on.

click here

  ade.h 17:04 10 Feb 06

I was probably thinking of Spysweeper then. But that has a basic online scan available so it's not really worth paying for.

  spuds 17:12 10 Feb 06

AdAware click here SpyBot click here Spyware Blaster click here a2squared click here Ewido click here

All will work together, with no confliction problems. You could also use the Beta version of Microsoft's anti-spyware.

  tAtu*! 17:14 10 Feb 06

thanks everyone

put AdAware/SpyBot/and the beta version of msantispyware on now. feel more confident that i have rid my system of all that stuff! does AdAware/spybot work in real time? or does it clean up retrospectivly?

  rawprawn 17:20 10 Feb 06

"does AdAware/spybot work in real time? or does it clean up retrospectivly?"

Not real time,spywareblaster is but make sure you keep updating it, the updates are fairly infrequent.

  gel 17:22 10 Feb 06

I have a number of spy ware progs.mostly mentioned above I update and run them in rotation one each day. My latest addition is CWshredder If one prog does not find the 'beast' another one will.
Happy spy hunting.
But I only run one anti virus -at present 'avast'

  spuds 17:29 10 Feb 06

Best not to use more than one anti-virus programme on any one machine. Two will cause confliction problems.

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