ACOLYTE 13:58 11 Jan 05

click here

This will stop the DSO Exploit reapearing in spybot,i posted this because people still get the DSO thing,although it wont do any Harm,people still post about it,so here is the fix for it.


  Billp64 15:10 11 Jan 05

Thanks have sorted it

  Jackcoms 15:28 11 Jan 05

And, in any event, XP SP2 fixes the flaw in Internet Explorer which causes Spybot to continually find DSO Exploit.

  ACOLYTE 17:22 11 Jan 05

SP2 doesnt fix spybot it does make the DSO exploit safe by removinng the exploit but it will still show up with a spybot scan even with sp2 installed,you could just select to ignore it in spybot but not every one knows that thats why i posted the link to the spybot upgrade and fix.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 19:34 11 Jan 05

Thanks ACOLYTE, finally it's fixed. :)

Perhaps just mention for anyone else - after downloading and installing the fix, remove the 'ignore' DSO Exploit, run the scan, fix the first report of DSO then next time you run it will have gone.

On my first scan I was temporarily confused as it reported DSO. It makes sense though now to have to follow the above routine to clear it.

  Buchan 35 19:54 11 Jan 05

Thanks a lot Acolyte, I`ve been wondering what to do

  Jackcoms 22:19 11 Jan 05


"SP2 doesnt fix spybot".

I didn't say anything about SP2 fixing Spybot in my post.

  Eastender 22:48 11 Jan 05

Thank you for that one ACOLYTE

  ACOLYTE 10:39 12 Jan 05

Apologies Jackcoms,it was just the way the post read to me when i first read it,no harm intended.

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