Spreadsheet programming problem

  alternator 21 Jan 12

Firstly I am fairly green on full development of spreadsheets, I can build them using the available functions, such as VLOOKUP, IF, RAND, SUM, AVG etc but writing macros is beyond my capabilities What I would like to do is to generate a spreadsheet on an old Dell Axim (palmtop) that runs pocket Excel which seems to have most of the functions available that a full version of Excel has. My plan was to make a spreadsheet which I could use to generate a random digit which corresponds to cloak room tickets sold, to save having to rip off the corresponding numbers and go through the nausea of ripping and folding the corresponding tickets to those sold. So I need to enter the two numbers between which the sold ticket numbers exist say 36-115, then generate a random number between these (note there is no RAND BETWEEN function on pocket EXCEL or at least not this version. I can do that no problem using the RAND function. But where I come unstuck, is when I want to keep pulling out more random numbers, because ideally I don't want to repeat the numbers that have already been pulled. I can obviously enter the numbers of the tickets that have been pulled in one column and use a VLOOKUP and a whole lot of IF arguments, but this becomes totally unwieldy, I feel sure there must be a neater solution to this without resorting to writing macros, which are beyond my capabbilities

  Terry Brown 21 Jan 12

The problem is simply solved by when a number has been used that number is changed to 0 (zero)so it can not be used again.


  alternator 21 Jan 12

Thanks Terry, I am probably being a bit thick. But what I had envisaged was a cell with the starting number of the cloakroom tickets and one with the end number of the cloakroom tickets. Then to have a cell which calculated last number less the first ticket number. Then to multiply this cell by the RAND cell to generate the random number, then add the starting ticket number so the random number then is a number corresponding with one of the tickets bought. When I enter the generated ticket number in the column of winning tickets it will generate another number, but my problem, is using this system it is quite possible it will generate number that has already been selected. This is what I am attempting to avoid. So I am saying the actual numbers of the tickets is not physically entered.


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