chippy+ 19:03 25 Mar 07

hi i have a few photo apps which open jpegs ect i also have serif photo plus 8 which is great for removing the background the problem is the file type is .spp and none of my daughters photo apps can open it can anyone tell me what other application other than serif photo plus can open the .spp files or change them to jpegs without loosing the changes thanks Chippy

  bennyhillslovechild 19:11 25 Mar 07

When you save the file in Serif, can you not choose "save as..." and pick a different file format? I used photoshop, which saves as a .psd file, but I can save it as countless other formats (jpg, gif, tiff, png etc) via the save as drop down menu. You could then save a version as a jpeg,for sending to your daughter, while keeping a version as the .spp which I presume is lossless, unlike the jpg which is a 'lossy' format.

  GroupFC 09:09 26 Mar 07

In Serif, once you have finished editing the photo, you need to go to file>export and in the dialog box that pops up select .jpg as the file type and that should do it.

  chippy+ 11:36 26 Mar 07

hi bennyhillslovechild, GroupFC thanks for your reply i used file>export worked a treat thanks again Chippy

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