Spooler SubSystem App - what is it?

  o44wen 21:47 03 Sep 05

Hi folks,

every couple of days i get the said programme trying to access the internet. It has only happened for the last couple of weeks. I done a search on it and it says that it could be a virus or it could be the printer trying to connect to microsoft for some reason.

ZoneAlarm says - Spooler SubSysytem App is trying to access the internet.
Application: spoolsv.exe
Destination IP

After doing a virus check, and spyware check, I let it connect to the internet one time. Then now every couple of days it tries to connect agin. Its starting to really annoy me as i do not know what to do with it.

I hope you guys can help me out here,

Thank you all

  Joe R 21:54 03 Sep 05
  octal 21:56 03 Sep 05

Unless you are running network printers just deny access using ZA.

  o44wen 14:30 04 Sep 05

thanks Joe R
But its just the information that i have been getting before. i thought someone on here might be able to help me stop the programme somehow.

I think i will do as octal says and stop the access all the time.

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