Spool32 Puzzle

  Pesala 15:39 13 Apr 03

A computer is a machine, right? Every time I start it up, I press the same button on the front. Every time it starts up the same using the same software and the same hardwre unless I have changed it, which I haven't done recently.

So why is it, that nine time out of ten it starts up normally, but once in a while I get a Spool32 error? If some conflict is causing that error it ought to happen every single time I start the computer, right?

Can some boffin please explain why my computer behaves like a human being and not like a robot?

  AndySD 15:53 13 Apr 03

reinstall your printer drivers.

  Wak 16:54 13 Apr 03

I only have a Spool Data problem whenever I use a particular Artistic program and need to go in to the printer properties.
The Program makers advice is to change the Spool Data format from EMF to RAW or vice versa.
The printer works very well otherwise so I haven't bothered changing it as I don't use to Artistic program very much.
You could always change your Spool format to see if it makes any difference.

  powerless 17:02 13 Apr 03

Your machine was designed and built by humans - There's the problem.

Apologies if you are "Alien" and greetings from an Earthling...

click here although it applies to when you go to print.

click here loads of errors.

  Pesala 17:37 13 Apr 03

Do they have human-beings there?

I am not so sure that you are right Powerless, arn't most circuit boards put together by robots nowadays? Anyway, even if the PC was assembled by a human being, that only explains why it might happen on my PC but not on an identical one owned by someone else. It doesn't explain why it happens sometimes but not always.

Ny error is not listed; isn't that always the case. It happens when I boot up, or sometimes when I switch on a printer, not when printing.

I can live with it. I might try reinstalling my printer drivers: Epson EPL5900, Epson Sylus C80, and PDF factory, but diagnosing the problem as your second link suggests looks a bit risky to me. I know all to well how long it takes to reinstall everything when things go wrong.

Thanks all, obviously no boffins about. They are all talking to Aliens on the other forum.

  BurrWalnut 17:43 13 Apr 03

If you have a Lexmark printer that is giving the error at the start of Windows, it can be cured by removing 3 Lexmark programs from StartUp.

Use Msconfig and look for (not sure about actual names but very similar) Lexupmon, Lexstart and Lexmarkprintray and remove them.

It won't affect the printing and marginally speeds up Windows startup.

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