sponsored links

  smy13 23:34 08 Feb 05

Why have messages started appearing in the forum containing sponsored links, or is it just me seeing this

  Gandalph 23:37 08 Feb 05

If you are refering to the words that are in green and are underlined, they have been here for quite some time now.

  smy13 23:42 08 Feb 05

that's them.How long have they been here, I browse through this site most days trying to learn a bit and have not seen them before. thought my PC had been nobbled for a mo

  Gandalph 23:55 08 Feb 05

Quite a while now. I wouldn't like to put a time scale on them. It's PCA's way of paying for the Forum to let the members have it free.

  Mikè 00:08 09 Feb 05

Opera is a good browser ;>)

  THE TERMINATOR 00:28 09 Feb 05

Sponsored link= a link paid for by the web site that it is advertising. Or like Gandalph said, a way that PCA can let members use the forum for free. Or maybe the FE will correct me if I'm wrong....TT

  Kate B 00:34 09 Feb 05

I'm using Safari on my Mac and they don't show up in this browser ...

  smy13 22:39 10 Feb 05

I couldn't see the links before maybe it’s because I’ve just updated my firewall/pop up blocking software that they've become visible to me

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