Sponantious shut down on Acer Laptop

  SparkyJack 11 Sep 12

One of my flock is bringing his Acer Laptop to me tomorrow with the avounve complain. I think of possible cuases- like overheading through blo9cked fan Buut he is saying that he has heard it is due to a defective batch of a particular model.

It appears to shut down shortly after starting

Any thoughts please.

  northumbria61 11 Sep 12

Are you running your laptop on battery alone? If that's the case, run it with the charger plugged in. If that sorts it out then you need to change your laptop battery.

  SparkyJack 11 Sep 12

Northumbria 61

Not my laptop but a valid point that I shall ask when the owner arrives tomorrow

  SparkyJack 11 Sep 12

Northumbria 61

Not my laptop but a valid point that I shall ask when the owner arrives tomorrow

  SparkyJack 17 Sep 12

It is an Acer Aspire 7736Z

I have had the machine over the weekend, and the first thing was to carry out a restore as far back as possible- this prompted the machine to go to the inbuilt recovery mode - So guess some thing picked up.

Then I gave it a good CC'ing.

Than got it doing all sorts for prolonged periods and it behaved perfectly.

I returned it to the owner- and it was apparent that he used it only for E-mail -[Hot mails= and not much else. So I asked him to go about composing and sending an E-mail.

Sure enough the machine shut down after about 3 lines of text.

Was he inadvertently hitting a 'wrong key I wondered? So this time he did it again and I watched his fingers and hands= no problem there but the machine shut down,

So I tried and the machine shut down

So this problem appears to only occur when composing mail on a web mail account .no E-mail client involved.. Running a search on the model number it seems there has been some chat on serious forums about the same issue.

But no answres except one wag talking about a duff chip and how to change it.- Oh Yes"

As my man has owned the machine for 3 years or so and he has sent it away previously with the machine being returned 'As fault' free' I an wondering if he he has another recourse with the vendor? This topic may make a new post in Consumer.


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