splitting discs

  ZEROTOLERANCE 12:32 27 Jun 04

is it possible to split an album between 2, 80min cdr's ?
i have nero 6 but cant see how or if its possible, i tried to copy the album onto 1st disc (album is 156mins long) but it rejects the burn saying the disc is too small for the album, [which i know,] any sugg's will be warmly greeted


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:45 27 Jun 04

You are obviously trying to use CD copy. (Illegal?)

Making one back up copy for your personal use is tolerated by the music industry. (See site usage policy [just covering PCA's a***])

You need to "rip" the music files from the Album then burn to two CDs. This gives the advantage that you can reorder or miss off tracks or even add tracks from other albums to make your own compilations.

I use Music Match Jukebox, Itunes will also let you rip plus there are several more progs out there on the net.

  THE TERMINATOR 13:06 27 Jun 04

Start Nero burning, and from NEW COMPILATION choose Audio CD and click on NEW. From the browser pane, choose your cd drive and choose half of the ftracks on your cd and drag them across to the recording pane on the left and click on the oil can to burn the compilation....TT

  ZEROTOLERANCE 14:25 27 Jun 04

thanx guys

  ZEROTOLERANCE 15:01 27 Jun 04

just re read your reply, i have the problem that the trax are not on cd, there saved on my HD, and its not single trax its a 1hour 56min house music mix, ie theach trak blends straight into the next.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 15:02 27 Jun 04

thats "each" not "theach", dont know where that TH came from!!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:05 27 Jun 04

What sort of file is it wave mp3 CDA?you may have to edit the file to split.

Music / wave editing:-
Audacity click here

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:01 27 Jun 04


  ZEROTOLERANCE 14:57 28 Jun 04

great tool, but not the easiest thing to use is it? its gonna take some time before ive understood how to use it im sure.

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