spit it out please,in english.

  alltime 09:56 22 Jul 04

Could you technical guys & (girls) direct me to a site that explains computer technical terms.
ie. Lan, Ethernet, Raid, Northwood, Southwood, Firewire, DDR, Scsi. iee1394, Barton, Pdif, Sata, Fsb, Eide, Hyper threading, Pcmcia, udma.
etc etc etc.

  ventanas 10:06 22 Jul 04
  Audeal 10:10 22 Jul 04
  alltime 10:15 22 Jul 04

Thanks Guys for the links, ill be able to do a bit of studying now !!!!!!!

  johnnyrocker 10:23 22 Jul 04

click here and click here and click here and finally click here


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